Shooting my first event post COVID-19 lockdown

A year on and a year out of practice shooting events and large gatherings of strangers and celebrations, I received a message out of the blue from an old school friend. He said that he was looking for a photographer for his upcoming engagement. There is nothing better than a new client saying "I want these style shots" and then sending me a reference photo that I took a few years earlier.

"Piece of cake" I typed and we got chatting about what he needed, the scale and the style of the event. It was certainly a unique request as the families were having a 'COVID conscious' garden celebration with slots allocated to various groups of guests. Although this was going to be a longer than average engagement party I was so excited by the prospect of shooting at a celebration that whatever was thrown my way, I would make it work!

It came to the day of the engagement and although I wasn't running the event, nerves were rushing over me! I arrived at the venue with a second shooter to set up and get familiar with the space, we shot the set up and venue design before the guests arrived.

Guests were arriving at different lots so it was important to be alert of the shots of newcomers and the hosts. During the event it was more challenging than a regular event as there are not only one or two peaks but probably close to 6 or 7!

Overall, the images turned out natural and candid on the most part, some posed and requested shots got in there too which I'm always happy to shoot when asked. I was so pleased with the result of this engagement shoot. The couple, their family and guests were a pleasure to work with, wishing them all the best in their future together 💑💕

If you like what you see, contact me here or reach me on 07587126984.

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