Preparing for a Solo Portrait Shoot

This month I have several solo shoots coming up and I thought I would share some tips with my clients and subscribers on how to prepare for these! Enjoy & let me know what you do to prep for a shoot ☺


When it comes to any photoshoot, some of the first things that people say to me is I don't know how to pose or I look so awkward!. I photograph portraits of families, headshots, musicians, entrepreneurs & solo portrait shoots; most of my clients are hesitant to get in front of the camera. So you're not a model, that's alright! I am there to photograph you in your element, as you are and it's my main priority to put you at ease!

I know that having a solo photoshoot might seem like a daunting experience so I have put together 3 simple tips to prepare well for a shoot and get the most out of your experience. Keep reading to get a feel for how to prepare yourself in advance!


Before your shoot

1. Create a mood board

Putting a mood board together before a shoot will give you an idea of the poses and vibe that you want to create. Your board will serve as inspiration for the intentions for the shoot.

The best place to make a mood board is on Pinterest, it is free to sign up and it will give us both a better idea of the shots you are looking for. From tones and hues right down to the poses you want to recreate, sharing your inspiration with me means that I can tailor your shoot to your vibe!

Check out the Pinterest board I put together for this solo shoot in London.

2. Use your style

Don't just look your best, feel your best! This photoshoot is going to capture you in this moment so make sure that you are comfortable in what you are wearing and that you feel like you! Being comfortable will give you the confidence you need to be photographed.

Jess's personality comes through in the in-between moments, you can really see that she felt herself and we managed to capture the final results below by embracing her style.

3. Finally, be kind to yourself!

With all of the expectations for yourself and for the shoot it can be easy to forget this one! You need to take the time to relax and be yourself before the shoot because the best mindset to be in is one that is kind to your mind.

It's far too easy to get bogged down with perfection and over producing content but have a little faith in the 'process' and flow with things. Nothing is perfect but we can sure get close if you follow these simple steps.

Happy February!


Hi, I'm Yaffa, In the last 5 years' I have gained experience photographing people of all ages and none of them were trained models! If you've arrived at my blog, the likelihood is that you like candid, natural, and cinematic photography so have a look through my website and if you like what you see, drop me a message and let's pencil in your solo shoot! 📸

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