Welcome to my site

I am excited to create this platform to share my experiences and ideas through written and visual mediums. In this blog I'll introduce myself and what my ideal job looks like...

Who am I?

I grew up in London and have recently completed my undergraduate degree in (BA) Business and Management & Cultures and Societies at the University of Manchester.

I've dabbled in my fair share of side gigs whilst at university and have gained incredible experiences along the way.

I strive to be an active member of communities within which I find myself. I have an entrepreneurial drive and creative spirit, and always approach projects with meaning and purpose. Although I am happy to be a team player, I'm accustomed to working independently and taking the lead on a project.

What am I working on now?

I am currently looking for a full time job in Manchester and the surrounding areas whilst balancing several personal projects including website creation, writing, photography, and design.

My ideal line of work: Project Management, Events, Logistics, SMEs/ start ups

My ideal location: Manchester or London City Centres

The ideal culture: I'd love to work in a socially conscious company which aims to balance purpose and profit. Creative and open to suggestions, all about improving and getting better at what you do and bringing others along to learn from each other.

What will I be sharing?

  • Photography projects and commissions

  • My side hustles

  • Collaborative projects

  • Worthwhile causes and initiatives

Want to have a chat?

If you like what you see and want to find out more or invite me to collaborate on a project please feel free to contact me here.

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